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Basic Support Guides

This is our free online support center. Here we post information to help you make the most of your I.T experiences. We try and put up information that is relevant to the common problems we come across.

However if you have a problem and don't see a solution here, you can just give us a call on (06) 353 5544. Our office is open 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. Out of hours you can email and we will respond ASAP.

Should I take my business online?

How do I get my business website to be found better? What directories can I add my business to?

Is your website working for you?

How do I increase my website traffic?

What is a computer virus and what precautions can I take to avoid them?

What is Spam? And how do I send a newsletter without it being spam?

How do I set up my email on my iPhone?

How do I stop myself from being click-jacked?